Life at Lume: Bernice Roby

Since joining Lume Strategies—an Aleron Group company—two years ago, Bernice has streamlined service delivery processes and enhanced the overall user experience. Thanks to her dedicated efforts, Aleron’s technical assistance delivery time has seen a remarkable improvement of 20 percent.

In the first edition of our “Life at Lume” series, meet Bernice Roby, Technical Support Analyst II. Bernice has a knack for translating complex technical concepts into terms her audience can grasp while ensuring each Aleron employee has the tools to perform their job effectively. The best part is that she does all this with a smile!

A New York native

I was born and raised in Rochester, New York. At age 20, I moved to the Buffalo area for college. I attended ITT Technical Institute (ITT Tech) and the State University of New York (SUNY) Empire State College and received a Computer Networking and Management Information Systems degree.

The Journey to Lume

After graduating, I worked in information technology (IT) to provide for myself and my family. In 2021, Aleron Corporate Recruitment Manager Barbara Strother contacted me about an open position, and I am so glad she did because I was drowning. I was sold immediately on the leadership team’s willingness to allow me to grow and thrive and the organization’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB).

Life at Lume

I serve as a Technical Support Analyst II and am responsible for ensuring every person I connect with has the tools they need to do their job efficiently and effectively. To accomplish this, I execute high-level support by troubleshooting and resolving employee technology issues. In addition, I arrange for new hire mobile device configurations and track inventory and application installations and deployments.

If I had to describe Lume in one word, it would be “interesting.” Every day is an adventure, and like a box of chocolate—you never know what you’re gonna get! (Forrest Gump Voice). My personality, ability to break complex concepts down in a way non-technical people can understand, and my willingness to help make me well-suited for this role.

I believe that everyone at Aleron presents the best version of themselves. Working in this environment allows me to be my best self and creates an atmosphere where I want to get things done. I enjoy coming to work and being part of an EXCELLENT IT team in a unique environment. Each day, I smile and laugh while interacting and collaborating with a great group of people, all while getting to do what I love–IT stuff!

A continuously evolving industry

Constantly evolving and transforming, IT is already light years behind if you’ve learned something new today. Artificial intelligence (AI) has arrived and is here to stay. Businesses will look to do the same tasks using AI that an employee can do, eliminating some jobs and creating new ones.
I love that more women are coming to the forefront in IT, a global industry, ever-changing.

Life outside of Lume

All my days are busy and full. Before work, you can usually find me walking my dogs. I am passionate about my family, treating people fairly, equality, and education (formal and informal). I stay true to myself by being compassionate, accessible, creative, loving, and powerful!

Just by looking at me, you would never know I have competed in the American Poolplayers Association (APA) U.S. Amateur three times and placed second all three times.

Roller skating, photography, and writing are my hobbies.

Losing my hair 30 years ago to Alopecia has been one of the most humbling and traumatic events of my life, next to losing my pops last year and almost losing my mamma two years ago. Though it’s been 30 years, I still have reservations and self-esteem issues when meeting new people and going outside my circle.

If money or time off were no object, I would travel to Bora Bora and sleep beside the ocean—where I can find peace. Just me and the ocean!