The Essential Cybersecurity Toolkit

In today’s day and age, organizations have continuously struggled to shield themselves from malicious cyberattacks. A recent report from AT&T discovered that 80% of businesses have fallen victim to some sort of digital raid over the past year. For many companies, succumbing to a cyberattack has unfortunately become a question of not “if,” but “when.”

As invasive hacking strategies have continued to succeed in recent years – especially since the outbreak of COVID-19 – data breaches and privacy losses now present a significant concern to business leaders. To protect your organization and avoid catastrophic digital disaster, Lume’s got you covered. By utilizing our practical training tips, you’ll be able to easily educate your employees on how to keep your organization out of harm’s way from cyber threats. What’s more, we’ve also included a list of our recommended best-practices and industry-leading solutions to ensure your company is comprehensively cyber-protected from hackers and other outside threats.

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We hope this resource can alleviate protection concerns while helping your organization to remain cyber-secure for the foreseeable future.