Stay protected with a complete suite of cybersecurity services.

Our cybersecurity services feature a layered approach to protection and responsiveness: endpoint protection, DNS protection, and cybersecurity training.

  • Industry-Leading Partners

    Lume is an authorized partnered of Cisco Systems, one of the most respected names in commercial threat intelligence. And as your partners in cybersecurity, we’ll help you identify the best preventative technologies, analysis tools, and robust resolutions for your business.
  • Seamless Interface

    Are you working with more than one operating system? We’ll review your network and system topology, technology, and landscape to deploy endpoint protection that is compatible with your entire IT ecosystem.
  • A La Carte Services

    Every business is different, and at Lume, we respect your freedom of choice. We’ll collaborate with you to chalk up a mutually agreeable design and configuration strategy—and then we’ll implement the best services to make it happen.
  • Research-based Approach

    To instill safe online behavior that keeps you protected, we combine the latest technological advancements with university research on behavior and security. The result is a product that empowers the safest and most secure security posture at your business.
  • How do we do it?

    As your IT partners, we’ll manage all your cybersecurity services during every stage of deployment. Here’s what you can expect from Lume's cybersecurity services: • Endpoint Protection • Antivirus and Malware Detection • DNS Protection • Threat Response • Cybersecurity Training
  • Why Lume?

    Your job is hard enough without having to worry about password resets, configuration challenges, and other IT-related issues. Let our expert team of IT consultants take care of your IT infrastructure so you can focus on what matters most: building your business and serving your customers.
  • Endpoint Protection

    Endpoint protection prevents, detects, and responds to cyberthreats.

    These protections are fueled by Cisco Talos—one of the world’s largest commercial threat intelligence agencies.

  • DNS Protection

    DNS Protection is the first line of defense against threats at the DNS level.

    This cloud-based security platform thwarts potential security risks by blocking malicious domains, IPs, and URLs.

  • Cybersecurity Training

    Cybersecurity training helps you eliminate unsafe behaviors in your workplace.

    We’ll deliver testing and remediation strategies that protect your business from vulnerabilities and human error.

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