Lume is a forward-thinking solutions partner. We strive to deliver services that illuminate new and different paths to productivity. Hence, our name—Lume inspires notions of light, luminescence, and energy.

Our unique methodology considers your technical systems holistically. Lume is not the business of off-the-shelf solutions. Instead, we consider the entire IT infrastructure … and then address current and future goals through smart, tailor-fit strategies.

Focusing on consultative and agile solutions, Lume forges partnerships with companies looking to align outside technology expertise to enhance internal capabilities. As an Aleron company, Lume also draws from that organization’s rich, 60-year history and shares in its vision of connecting people and business in ways that change lives.

Ultimately, Lume provides businesses with the efficiencies needed to hone—and retain—their competitive advantages. Our outsourcing services were developed to improve stability and efficiencies:

  • Flexibility– Outsourcing certain independent tasks allows your business to maintain financial flexibility when there is uncertainty in demand.
  • Access to skilled expertise– Lume specialists are experts across wide-ranging technology functions and are active partners in optimization.
  • Cost savings– Leverage Lume’s expertise and economies of scale to your advantage; together, we will lower your operating costs.