Virtual CIO (vCIO)

Lume’s Virtual CIO (vCIO) offers expert guidance and dedicated resources to business owners, helping them understand industry trends and tackle the latest tech challenges. We provide specialized tactical and operational recommendations to assist in devising critical IT initiatives for your organization.

Suite of Services

  • Technology and IT strategy and advisory services
  • Financial management, budgeting, and cost control
  • Planning, design, and management of IT projects
  • Information management, including IT policies and governance
  • IT service management
  • Privacy and security office (PSO)

Elevate your tech strategy and business productivity with professional IT leadership.



    Lume provides specialized tactical and operational recommendations to assist in devising critical IT initiatives for your organization.

    Multi-Year Roadmap

    We work with our clients to develop a multi-year IT roadmap and build a personalized budget to properly align IT services with business objectives.

    Round-the-Clock Protection

    Leveraging our deep technical expertise and array of holistic IT solutions, you will have peace of mind knowing that your company is safely protected – morning, noon, and night.

Lume’s 5–Step Approach to vCIO

At Lume, we utilize a 5-step approach in our vCIO service to ensure your IT strategy aligns with your company mission and goals.

We take pride in our partnerships. With our forward-thinking solutions and high-touch style, we’ll serve as an extension of your business to elevate your internal capabilities and take your IT infrastructure to a whole new level.

  • Interview

    In the initial stage of engagement, we interview IT managers and business stakeholders to learn about your challenges and objectives.

  • Inventory

    We complete a thorough evaluation of all software, equipment, computers, policies, and procedures currently in use.

  • Assessment

    We document the versions and implementation details of servers, client systems and software, system integration points, and specialized software and we investigate all IT assets.

  • Information Security

    We assess user provisioning, identity and password management, as well as data backup and recovery.

  • Findings

    We recommend meaningful standardizations that can reduce your cost and management complexity.

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“The team of IT professionals at Lume has increased the success of our organization with their technology solutions. With their round-the-clock security protection, we know that Lume will always keep our organization safe and out of harm’s way.“ - President of a printing and copying company

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