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No IT concerns are too minor.

We take pride in helping your staff reach a greater understanding of their technical capabilities, while also easing workloads and reducing technology-related confusion that arises in the day-to-day.

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Whether it’s a question about usernames and passwords or providing a deeper analysis of operating systems, Lume specialists believe in a friendly, concierge-like service approach.

We want our customers to feel comfortable with their IT infrastructure and to consider us a partner and go-to resource for all IT needs.

Our multi-tiered support center can be reached by phone or the web, providing value and convenience.

  • The hardware

    • On-demand availability
    • One-to-one engineer access
    • Uptime monitoring
    • System training
    • Hardware optimization
    • Managed security
    • Architectural planning and implementation
  • The security

    • Trouble ticket and conflict resolution
    • Scheduled proactive maintenance
    • Business application management
    • Business system management
    • Managed security
    • Consulting services
    • Architectural planning and implementation
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