3 Tips to Cybersecurity Safety and Business Continuity During COVID-19

As we all work together to get through this COVID-19 crisis, let’s focus on safety and business continuity. At Lume, we’re here to keep your business safe while your employees are working from home.

Here are some thoughts on how you can stay safe and productive at the same time.


Many of us will need to make the move from our office environments into our home offices. As such, we’ll need to equip ourselves with the best practices to do so. With input from our friends at Acara Solutions, here are some best practices:

Have a dedicated workspace.
Separate your workspace from personal space. Don’t work in front of your TV or sit on your bed. Build a workstation.

Start your mornings strong.
Pushups? Meditation? Coffee? Shower? Try to assume your normal morning routine from home.

Manage your clients’ expectations.
Stay in touch with your clients and let them know your new schedule. Try to eliminate background noise on calls from home.

Take a break when you need it!
After a couple hours of work, mix in a household chore. Stretch your legs. Break up your tasks with mini tasks to keep your blood flowing.

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During these unprecedented circumstances, we must maintain communications, deploy business continuity solutions, and provide leadership. Our partner organization, Broadleaf Results, has the following suggestions:

Communicate to your staff in real time. Offer updates as often as possible. Has your CEO chimed in with a message for your team? Now is the time to be strong and retain loyalty from your workforce. If you can record a video or livestream announcements from your team, do it.

Business Continuity Planning Support
Your IT team, if you’ve got one, is going to have their hands full. To keep your business up and running, your technologies on point, and your employees working safely and responsibly from their own home, consider reaching out to an agile IT services provider such as Lume Strategies.

Can your workforce, customers, and partners depend on you for resources? If not, they are likely to take their service elsewhere. As news and protocols change rapidly, be as accessible and responsive as possible.

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What do you need to keep your systems secure? Endpoint protection, network protection, data access protection, and asset protection. With assistance from Lume Services, you can benefit from the following services and results:

Ransomware Protection Disaster Recovery Cloud-to-Cloud Backup
Block malicious software

Stonewall cybercriminals

Avoid costly attacks

Identify vulnerabilities

Retain your data

Reduce wasteful downtime

Back up data automatically

Scale with your business

Keep costs low


Endpoint Protection DNS Protection Cybersecurity Training
Provides all deployment activities for up to 25,000 endpoints

Leverages industry-leading technologies and cloud-based analytic engines

Integrates prevention, detection, and response capabilities in one security platform

Stops malware in real time and protects endpoints against zero-hour threats

Utilizes file reputation, antivirus, polymorphic malware detection

Cloud-based security platform

Prevents access to malicious destinations

Blocks dangerous domains, IPs, and URLs

Provides protection against all ports and protocols

Protects internet access across all devices in your network

Pulls together critical threat intelligence to analyze systems and devices

Recommends cybersecurity training activities, testing, reporting, and remediation

Issues users a 5-minute, 5-question cybersecurity preparedness test

Simulates breaches and social engineering emails that determine user readiness

Breeds meaningful change in employee security posture


With these tips from Lume Strategies and others in the Aleron Group of companies, you can optimize business continuance while keeping your employees safe.  For assistance, reach out to Lume Manager of Business Development Nicole Walter.


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