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SaaS Protection for Microsoft 365: Simple, Automated and Secure Backup

With more and more businesses relying on Microsoft 365 to run their daily operations, there’s a need for more advanced backup and data protection than what Microsoft can provide. We offer SaaS Protection for Microsoft 365, the leading cloud-to-cloud backup product providing an all-in-one backup, restore and export solution that covers Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams. Microsoft 365 is Not…
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Making the Case for Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

In the information era, data is a foundational element of all businesses. Data is collected, stored, and analyzed allowing businesses to gain a new depth of insight into their customers. With an endless amount of possibilities to grow their business in a smarter, more agile way, this data needs to be available around the clock to ensure the operational success…
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Video: How to Solve Cybersecurity Challenges During COVID-19

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to evolve, we are making every effort to help your business stay safe from cyberthreats and other IT challenges. We teamed up with our trusted partners at Cyberstone to put together this informational video, which covers: Hacking campaigns and phishing attacks Trickbot banking trojans Tips from the National Cyber Security Center Virtual Private Networks (VPN)…
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4 Reasons to Employ Remote Monitoring and Management

As your partners in holistic IT solutions, our top priority is effectively managing your network and technology assets to keep them safe and optimized so you stay productive. To do this, we leverage Datto Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) to manage and protect your business. We use this platform to deliver premier monitoring and management services of your technology assets,…
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As Cloud Storage Grows, Data Protection Becomes More Vital

A few years ago you may have started hearing about the “cloud” and been perplexed as to what it was and how it worked. You may still not totally understand what it means, unless you’re a part of the IT team or are familiar in data storage. Essentially, cloud storage means that data is stored in logical pools, across multiple…
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Why MSP’s Recommend Cloud Based Solutions

Businesses today face an increasing challenge of protecting proprietary information and confidential data from attacks and vulnerabilities. On top of the looming threats, employees are spending more and more time working remotely on home computers and smartphones. Regardless of a company’s industry, the threats are concerning, and without an IT department that can provide cloud based solutions that help to…
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