Minimize Downtime

Why Hackers Love Procrastination—And What You Can Do to Fight It

IT pundits, industry reports, and tech-related statistics are all providing the same two fundamental truths about the state of cybercrime and cybersecurity: The risk and exposure related to cyber threats are at all-time highs—and are only getting worse. Most organizations are struggling to build and maintain effective cybersecurity programs. The presence of a booming cybercrime economy cannot be ignored. As…
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Why Cybersecurity Is More Important Than Ever

In light of the recent cyberattacks that have rocked major corporations across the United States, companies need to prepare themselves against the threat of an online hack. From Colonial Pipeline to JBS, organizations nationwide have suffered from these major disruptions in business operations. And as nation-states like China, North Korea, and Russia continue to experiment with bolder and more ambitious…
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Why Your Business Should Outsource Its BCDR Plan

By Michael Hensley, Director of Professional Services We all know the detrimental effect that natural disasters, system failures, and other unexpected events can have on business continuity. Organizations need to be proactive to prevent operational shutdowns and insulate themselves from damaging impacts to their supply chains. To keep your business up and running, organizations should invest in business continuity and…
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The Importance of Two-Factor Authentication

By Michael Hensley, Director of Professional Services Ready for the eye-opening stat of the day? Since the start of COVID-19, the FBI and its IC3 (Internet Crime Complaint Center) has reported a 300% increase in reported cybercrime activity. This starting rise in the frequency of cyberattacks has prompted companies—especially those with vulnerable networks due to increases in work-from-home activity—to enhance…
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4 Reasons to Employ Remote Monitoring and Management

As your partners in holistic IT solutions, our top priority is effectively managing your network and technology assets to keep them safe and optimized so you stay productive. To do this, we leverage Datto Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) to manage and protect your business. We use this platform to deliver premier monitoring and management services of your technology assets,…
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Minimize Downtime | Be Proactive in Prevention

Today, with as much digital information being passed through both the cloud and devices, the threat of tech failure is at an all time high. Coupled with the threat of tech failure comes the threat of the downtime that follows, while things are being patched. You can have a concrete disaster recovery plan in place, and still end up with…
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