If & When | Are You Prepared for Disaster Recovery?

If & When | Are You Prepared for Disaster Recovery?

Your business is constantly balancing a fusion of information, leaning heavily on information technology to keep operations running smoothly. Servers store large amounts of vital data, VOIP systems and email allow for fluid communication. Major payments are made electronically, exchanging and storing encrypted financial information. Computers, laptops, and other wireless devices create, store and move data and information in a constantly shifting exchange.

When something stops working, a simple call to the IT department seems easy enough to have something fixed. But how prepared is your IT department for a significant outage? Do you have a plan in place? Is your data backed up in the cloud? Superior IT Innovations can help with recovery, but we can also help establish a disaster recovery plan (DRP).

Working Together

Implementing a disaster recovery plan that best suits your company’s needs is a crucial element of maintaining the safety of your information. Based on your goals, we can work with you directly to help establish a proactive approach to preventing significant disaster that can be caused by a slew of potential threats. We can assess your infrastructure to better understand these potential risks, that you may or may not be aware of currently. From that point we can construct a disaster recovery plan for the peace of mind in knowing no matter what, your data is protected.

Worst That Could Happen?

Truth be told, the potential risks involved in lacking a disaster recovery plan are increasing. The usage and dependence on technology, as well as the amount of vital information stored digitally in today’s world means being proactive is more important than ever before. Trusting an outsourced IT service provider to step in and help with prevention helps ensure that your business is ready to react to any disruption. Just to name a few potential risks that could be prevented, here are a few examples of unexpected situations.

  • Ransomware
  • Hardware Failure
  • Application Crashes
  • Theft
  • Fire, Flood, Weather Emergency
  • Directory Domain Crashes
  • Corrupt Backup

Better Safe Than Sorry

Preventing, anticipating, and mitigating risks involved with the vulnerabilities within your organizations network is something that you should certainly dedicate attention to. In the event that you don’t have an effective strategy in place, you are leaving your company at risk, which could have a very negative effect. Trusting a managed service provider, and maintaining a close relationship can significantly decrease potential risks. Hypothetically, a company without a plan in place, will end up reaching out to a disaster recovery team following an outage, to help clean up the mess, but why not prevent the mess from happening?

Superior IT Innovations can help backup your data, and institute a DRP that will ensure you won’t lose anything in the event of disaster. In the event that disaster does occur, we are also highly versed in assessing and recovering from any situation. If your company would like to talk about your current IT infrastructure, or have any questions about potential risks involved in protecting your information, please don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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