Cybersecurity New Year’s Resolutions For 2018

As we enter 2018 with fresh outlooks and new projects to look forward to, it’s important to keep IT services at the forefront. With as much cyber attack, ransomware, and other threats going around, you should take any and all necessary steps in protecting your company. How prepared are you for disaster recovery? Do you have a plan in place? Whether you have a small upstart company in Buffalo, or a huge company in Los Angeles, protecting important data is vital to success. Here are a few things you can consider this New Year to stay on top of your IT support.

Train Your Team

From the smallest team to huge corporate organizations, ensuring your users are well educated in recognizing signs of malicious activity is always important. Most security issues come from the people we work with everyday, whether it’s their fault or not. Being proactive in helping them understand how to spot things like phishing emails, reporting suspicious activity, and establishing regular security alerts, you can help prevent an attack.

Protect Network Endpoints

Most malware is designed specifically to attack your systems silently, without any notice. This varies from ransomware that is usually brought to your attention abruptly with a ransom note, which will require specialized IT services to recover lost or stolen data. Usually the only way to notice malware is to monitor activity, detect anomalies that differ from the norm, and know what normal activity should look like. With help from SITI, we can provide data on user endpoint activity, while protecting and blocking possible malware attacks.

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Have a Plan, or a Team with a Plan

Over the last 2 years or so, the number one threat to organizations large and small has been cyber criminals hacking vital information, and demanding high ransoms of money in the form of bitcoin or other cryptocurrency. This is known as ransomware. There is an increasing variety of threats in the form of ransomware, and there are things you can do to prevent it. One infected machine is one thing, but the entire network or file server being compromised is another. Being backup ready, protecting endpoints, and isolating infections are all ways that an IT managed service provider can help eliminate the threat.

For more information on what turning to a managed service provider for cybersecurity can do to help your company, just give us a call to talk to someone today. Superior IT Innovations can provide help at every level, from disaster prevention and incorporating security measures, to data backup and recovery from ransomware. We don’t aim to replace your IT team, we just want to help provide best measures to help your company stay protected.

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