Avoid a Scare | Cybersecurity Tricks For Employees & Business Owners

As we mentioned, October is National Cyber Security Awareness month, so we wanted to touch on a few things that the Department of Homeland Defense considers important to avoid a scare. With all the cyber attacks and data purges that have happened over the last calendar year, it’s more important than ever to do your due diligence to protect vital data. Using a solid business continuity plan with outsourced business IT services, you could avoid having to go through the process of recovering lost data due to ransomware or other forms of cyberattack. Here are a few things the Department of Homeland Security covered in their media kits. 

Always Connected

The world we live in is constantly flowing with information. This is part of the reason why we see so many examples of cyber attack, as just about anything can connect to the internet. Sure, your work computer does, as well as your phone, but nowaways even cars appliances, wearable devices, lighting, security and more even connect to a network. This results in an all time high of shared information. Ensure your phone, PC, and other devices are always clean from viruses and malware. Update software consistently, and make sure your wireless network is secure.

Take Steps at Work

From leadership all the way down to the newest employee, it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure you remain secure at work. According to the DHD, many cybercriminals rely on human error, from employees failing to install security patches to clicking malicious links to gain access. If you think something in an email is suspicious, delete it before clicking it. Always back your work up, and secure your accounts with strong passwords. Always keep a close eye on your work devices to ensure theft or unauthorized access, and report any suspicious activity to your IT team.

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Avoid Identity Theft

With the convenience of connectivity comes the responsibility of security. Cyber breaches like the Equifax hack expose hundreds of millions of people’s information, but it can happen at a small scale. When you’re at work, exposing your personal information can expose passwords and other information that could put data at risk. Phishing is a term used to describe email or malicious websites that attempt to collect personal and financial information or infect your work machine with malware or viruses.

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