IoT_Reaper | A Threat You Need To Know About

IoT_Reaper | A Threat You Need To Know About

There have been a series of threats this past year that have caused an insurmountable amount of damage to millions of people around the United States. Implementing maximum security on your networks and hardware is so important. There are cybercriminals from all over the world that could cause your organization significant damage, both internally and for your customers.

A new threat has emerged in a different form than some of the others like the WannaCry and Equifax. The IoT is known as the “Internet of Things” that enables homes, cars, even cities to maintain an ongoing connection. Since it’s inception, skeptics have questioned the level of security and threat of attack within this network. Recent malware attacks these exact vulnerabilities of IoT devices, as well as their networks.

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While creating a growing army of botnets, IoT_reaper comprimises devices and infects them through nine vulnerabilities. Particularly, cameras and routers are at a significant risk. A similar attack that happened a year ago, known as “Mirai” only required 100,000 infected IoT devices to take down a major DNS provider.

Experts estimate that the IoT_reaper has already infected approximately 2 million devices, at a rate of 10,000 new devices infected per day.

There are certainly steps you can take to help protect your company, employees, and their devices. The first step is turning your full attention toward cybersecurity during this trying time. For information on implementing new practices for cybersecurity to help be proactive to eliminate the ongoing threat of attack, give us a call to learn more about our IT services.

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