Is Your IT Department Up to Par?

Is Your IT Department Up to Par?

It seems that many small to medium sized businesses are starting to look at the option of turning to an outsourced IT team to help handle the load. With as much information being shared across your network, coupled with the all time high dependence on technology for workflow, one can see how having a trusted IT partner could be beneficial. According to CompTIA, the managed services market is expected to grow by as much as $193 billion. So why are so many professionals deciding on turning over to outsourced IT?

One main reason for outsourced IT is efficiency. When you know you have a team of experts at your fingertips, you can trust that workflow and productivity will increase. Maybe your in house IT team is simply overburdened. Perhaps growth has put your company in a position where the IT staff is just underskilled. With Superior IT Innovations, you’ll find that we take an approach that is collaborative, and involves finding a solution that fits your particular case. We aim to enhance your team, not put anyone out of a job. Things like backup and disaster recovery, cloud computing, and remote monitoring can all be beneficial to any company.

Being proactive is a must in 2018. Something always goes wrong. Whether it’s something miniscule or massive, problems arise in the IT department. With an in house team that is inadequate, turnaround time can increase and cause a stoppage in productivity. Having an expert team of IT specialists that purely focus on solutions from a proactive approach can help prevent problems you may not have seen coming. With managed IT, you can count on lightning fast ticket times, and all around the clock coverage.

When you can trust an outside source to manage your IT problems, it allows your in house team to focus on strategy. Taking the weight off of the shoulders of your team allows them to use their talent on useful projects and updates that help your company grow. Things like changing operating systems or other deployments can eat up your employee’s time and set your company back. The MSP can help fill in the gap and take the pressure off, providing seamless transitions when they are needed.

We don’t look to replace any of your in house IT specialists. Technology has come a long way over the last decade. Long gone are the days of having one person in house who can handle every possible scenario. IT is a different game, and if you don’t have the right players in you corner, you could get burned. For more information on managed IT services from Superior IT Innovations, just give us a call or reach out to us using our contact form.

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