Why MSP’s Recommend Cloud Based Solutions

Businesses today face an increasing challenge of protecting proprietary information and confidential data from attacks and vulnerabilities. On top of the looming threats, employees are spending more and more time working remotely on home computers and smartphones. Regardless of a company’s industry, the threats are concerning, and without an IT department that can provide cloud based solutions that help to protect all that vital information, you’re at risk. Companies in the health care and finance industry who mandatorily must abide by strict laws and regulations face major fines and penalties if that information is compromised.

If you or your company has been through the muck and mire of having a data breach or ransomware, you understand the magnitude of devastation that can occur. Cloud based security services are typically brought in by an external Managed Service Provider to clean up the mess. We have seen companies large and small come looking for cloud based solutions and successfully recovered the data, and we have also seen companies try to hire internally, and fail at recovery.

There are a few things that a company should look for from an MSP that will help them to be proactive in preventing these attacks, rather than reacting after the damage has been done.

A Little Help From My Friends

A Managed Service Provider should provide tips, advice, and training to the company’s staff, so that standards are set to help each team member know how to remain secure. There are simple things like keeping login credentials secure and recognizing online scams, and then there are more complicated things that require more attention to detail. 95% of data breaches are related to either careless or with intention of doing something else. This attention to detail lies on the shoulders of all employees, whether working on site or remotely.

On the Go…

Because we see an all time high of employees working and sharing information while working on the road or at home or out of town, access to personal and corporate data becomes available 24/7. Anything can happen, such as a lost phone or stolen laptop. In a matter of seconds, a data breach can occur. Any mobile devices, ie: laptops, tablets, smartphones, USB drives can be remotely encrypted by a MSP to protect in case of emergency. With a proper cloud based solution for remote device encryption, you are granting freedom of working anywhere, while protecting any data.


Implementing a cloud based data backup is another way of protecting against risk, by preventing loss of data access. In the event that some sort of ransomware were to occur, and data was being held “hostage,” an effective cloud based data backup solution can help to mitigate the recovery. If your local physical backup is inaccessible, through physical damage or ransomware, it can be restored through the cloud.

This helps best understand why a company or organization, regardless of industry, should trust an MSP to handle cloud based solutions. Superior IT Innovations can provide cloud services to help prevent the loss of vital info, data, or access to that data. We always aim to supplement what your current IT department is doing, and help them to achieve the ultimate goal, the wellbeing of all data. For more information on working with Superior IT Innovations, just give us a call or fill out our contact form.  

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