4 Reasons Every Company Needs a Disaster Recovery Plan

With the recent spike in hurricanes, flooding, and wildfires tearing apart communities and causing mass destruction, SITI felt this was a good time to talk about disaster recovery. It’s always important to have a business continuity and prevention plan by backing up servers and having a trusted IT service provider, but you can’t always plan for devastation. It has been said that when downtime falls on a business due to a catastrophic event, there’s a chance it could not recover, and within 6-12 months a business could close it’s doors for good. The fortunate part of this is there is manageable solutions to help mitigate issues caused by a natural disaster.

Lessen Liability

Teaming with an IT service provider that can provide a comprehensive disaster recovery plan can ensure you know all potential consequences. With the help of an IT managed service provider, you can have solutions in place for if something happens. This helps to limit the liability of losing data, or a business that can’t function. Have your data backed up somewhere safe in case of fire or water damage.

Reduce Downtime

When the machine stops, the production stops, and the income stops. When there is a flood or fire, downtime is inevitable, but if you have a team in place with a plan, this can be lowered significantly. You don’t want the machine stopping for too long, because the longer the company isn’t working, the less money the company is making. A proper plan can help speed up the recovery and help prevent losing data.

Reduce the Damage

Without disregarding the lives that are damaged during a natural disaster, putting a plan in place with a trusted team can help the damage to your business. A disaster recovery plan gives your business a better chance at maintaining good standing with clients as well as holding your reputation high and above others.

Have Someone to Go To

Whether it’s a blizzard, a flood, or a widespread sickness that goes through the office, when a disaster strikes it’s hard to know who to turn to. Having a team ready to answer questions, fix any issues, or help backup or recover data is crucial to the heartbeat of your company. It’s stressful during a disaster, and everyone is nervous. The more chaos, the more downtime. With a team that provides disaster recovery, your team will be in good hands if something goes wrong.

Superior IT Innovations provides managed IT services in a multitude of services. In today’s world, you’re going to run into issues, even with a skilled and reliable internal IT department. Chances are, you’re going to need a trusted team to help you out when things go wrong. Superior IT is your solution for data recovery, disaster prevention and recovery. For more information just give us a call or fill out our contact form.


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