Lume’s Teams Tip Tuesday Video Compilation

As businesses around the world have shifted to entirely remote workplaces due to COVID-19, Microsoft Teams has become the central workplace hub of choice for millions of employees. Commonly referred to as simply “Teams,” the platform allows workers to seamlessly collaborate on projects, take part in virtual video conferences, communicate via messenger, and easily store and share files with fellow employees. Teams’ efficiency and effectiveness have helped spark a major boost in workforce productivity and overall performance.

To help you better utilize the Teams platform, our experts at Lume have put together a video series known as “Teams Tip Tuesday.” These videos can assist users in better understanding the program while helping them become more productive in a work-from-home setting.


Video #1: Creating a Teams Meeting Using Scheduling Assistant

One of the most useful functionalities of Teams is the ability to conduct meetings via video conference. Learn how to use the Scheduling Assistant to arrange a meeting time with colleagues that fits into each of your daily schedules.


Video #2: Sending an Email to a Team

Sending an email to a channel through Microsoft Teams has never been easier. Learn how to conveniently begin an email chain within Teams by utilizing simple “copy” and “paste” functions.


Video #3: Saving Important Messages

The Teams “Chat” feature is arguably one of its most useful functions. Corresponding with coworkers is now more efficient and effective than ever before. Learn how you can preserve your most important messages within Teams.


Video #4: Creating a Meeting in a Channel

If you’re looking to find out how to schedule a meeting with a Teams channel, you’ve come to the right place! Learn how you can also set these virtual conferences as reoccurrences to appropriately plan for the days, weeks, or months ahead.


Video #5: Raising Your Hand in a Meeting and Using Live Captions

One of Microsoft Teams’ newest features, users can “raise their hand” while in a meeting. This is a non-intrusive way to notify all members of a video call that you’d like to ask a question or issue a comment. It’s almost like you’re back in school again! In addition, learn how you can benefit from utilizing live captions during your next Teams meeting.


Video #6: Pop-Out Chat

Looking to communicate with coworkers while you’re in a Teams meeting or on a Teams call? In this video, learn how to enable the pop-out chat functionality to easily access the messenger feature. This new component was recently added to the Teams app by Microsoft in its newest software update.


We hope these videos help you to better grasp the unique functionalities within Microsoft Teams to improve your workplace performance. Stay tuned for our next episode!

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