The Cost of IT Downtime – The Amount Is Shocking

We all know that losing access to mission-critical processes and essential operations can be detrimental to business performance.

From system failure and network outages to cyberattacks and human error, many factors can contribute to system downtime. And identifying these problems within your IT infrastructure can prove to be time-consuming and expensive.

But are you aware of just how much money your business can lose due to IT problems?

According to Gartner, system downtime can cost organizations—on average—about $5,600 per minute. Multiply this amount by a few hours, and it’s easy to see how even the smallest technical hiccup can severely impact your bottom-line.

Our Solution Center Approach

As one of our primary differentiators, Lume’s proactive approach to problem management helps our clients to safely and securely manage their tech-related processes. We utilize a comprehensive support services model driven by the power of artificial intelligence. All of our solutions come with a management agent that is installed on each machine. This automated tool is designed to perform routine health checks on your technical infrastructure, ensuring that your machine remains fully operational.

Our AI-powered agent will examine:

  • Disk, process, and network statistics
  • CPU measurements
  • Antivirus engines
  • Security patches

Upon discovering a potential issue, the engine will immediately attempt to rectify the complication on its own. If the difficulty cannot be solved, our Lume team will be notified in real-time to address the technical problem at hand.

Our Solution Center Impact

Lume’s approach to preventative maintenance can identify critical complications in your IT infrastructure before you even know they exist. Unlike most of our competitors, we operate proactively with our problem-solving techniques. By reducing your organization’s downtime and slashing your total ticket submittals, our team will help you maintain business continuity while driving enhanced performance.

How could an outage affect your business? Try the Recovery Time and Downtime Cost Calculator.