Why Hackers Love Procrastination—And What You Can Do to Fight It

IT pundits, industry reports, and tech-related statistics are all providing the same two fundamental truths about the state of cybercrime and cybersecurity:

  1. The risk and exposure related to cyber threats are at all-time highs—and are only getting worse.
  2. Most organizations are struggling to build and maintain effective cybersecurity programs.

The presence of a booming cybercrime economy cannot be ignored. As malicious hackers have put organizations in their crosshairs, executives must understand the consequences that could arise from a successful cyberattack. Business shutdowns, lost careers, and financial turmoil are some of the most common—and detrimental—impacts of a cybercrime. Yet for some reason, there are many executives who fail to come to terms with the sense of urgency surrounding the development of robust cybersecurity programs to reduce the threat of an attack.

What is procrastination?

Procrastination is the act of delaying or postponing something—an irrational human behavior that creates unnecessary stress and delivers subpar performance or results. Why are so many organizations struggling to address expanding cybersecurity concerns that threaten the well-being of their organization, its employees, and its customers?

The most common reason is that they are simply procrastinating—and hackers love procrastination. Cybercriminals take advantage of this dawdling by feasting on technology environments with lackluster defenses and preying on organizations that are woefully unprepared to respond to cyberattacks.

Here are some proven strategies to help fight procrastination and develop an effective cybersecurity program for your organization.

Change your mindset

It’s no secret that addressing cybersecurity concerns can be difficult and overwhelming. But organizations must acknowledge the fact that these tasks need to get done. By adjusting your mindset, challenging tasks like setting up a firewall or establishing company-wide cybersecurity training will become much more doable.

Learn new things

Educate yourself on current trends to become more knowledgeable about the industry. Read up on IT experts to discover what you can do to enhance your cybersecurity. Our Lume team regularly posts content on cybersecurity, which you can check out here. The more you research, the more strategies you’ll be able to incorporate into your organization.

Expect evolution

Rather than worrying about creating the perfect cybersecurity program, take solace in the fact that your approach will ultimately evolve over time. It’s much easier to implement changes to an existing cybersecurity program than it is to establish a new one, so the most important factor is to finish version one! By putting a model in place, it can be improved and modernized as technology continues to innovate in the months ahead.

Call upon the pros

If your organization is looking for comprehensive cybersecurity protection but is lacking the time to implement your own programs, our team at Lume is here to help. As an authorized partner of Cisco Systems, we can help evaluate your entire IT ecosystem and deploy proven resolutions to keep your company out of harm’s way. Our IT experts can take care of your tech infrastructure—enabling you to focus on building your business.

Interested in seeing how prepared you are for a cyberattack? Take Lume’s cybersecurity self-assessment to learn how prepared your organization is to protect against looming cyber threats.

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