Why Startups and Small Businesses Can’t Overlook Cybersecurity

Western New Yorkers don’t need to look far to see that our entrepreneurial ecosystem is thriving. This year’s 43North Finals, which drew up-and-coming companies from across the United States and Canada, were a true testament to how impactful Buffalo’s startup community has become.

In remarks and speeches throughout the event, a common theme emerged: Growing Buffalo’s startup scene isn’t a self-contained or isolated effort; it requires communitywide collaboration and support.

Startups today have access to unprecedented technologies that are accelerating growth, containing costs, and maximizing productivity in ways previously not possible. As dependence on technology and connectivity continues to rise, entrepreneurs must take strategic measures to protect their businesses—and more specifically, their customers, reputations, revenues, and data—from cyberattacks and data breaches.

Cybersecurity, contrary to popular belief, is not an issue that only well-established, highly profitable companies need to address. In fact, the (false) notion that startups and small businesses aren’t at risk for cyberattacks can make them prime targets for hackers, who assume—often rightfully so—that they haven’t taken steps to protect themselves from threats.

Our team at Lume Strategies partners with organizations of all sizes and maturities to develop and implement IT solutions that protect against cyberthreats and other potential disasters. Companies lose millions of dollars due to cyberattacks each year; for those in their earliest stages, an attack can be especially detrimental.

As we heard during the 43North competition, it is on all of us to help Buffalo’s startup community thrive. Lume’s proven experience building and maintaining secure, reliable, cost-efficient IT infrastructures can be a driving force in keeping startups and small businesses on a path forward, both locally and beyond.

To learn more about how Lume can support your startup or small business, please contact us today.

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